Saltwater River Probation Station

The Convict Beach House is situated within the historic Saltwater River Probation Station with remains of convict buildings including the superintendent’s house, the chapel and the hospital. 

The Station was the first convict probation station established on the Tasman Peninsula, with men arriving on the 29th March 1841 from the ship the ‘British Sovereign’. The Station was to be an agricultural outpost of Port Arthur and the men were set to breaking up the ground for farming activities. In time the station occupied some 300 acres, and was proficient in growing grain and vegetables: potatoes, cabbages and turnips. By mid 1850 the station was used as a detachment from the general invalid station at Impression Bay. The last convicts arrived on the ‘St Vincent” on 26 May 1853 and in 1860 the site was closed and leased primarily for farming. Since our arrival on the Tasman Peninsula and our unexpected ownership of the remains of convict buildings, paths, roads and a well, we have taken much interest in interpreting our surrounds. On our journey of discovery we have collected a range of books and information that we would be delighted to share with our guests. If you have a special interest in convict history please let us know.

Historic Coal Mines Site, Saltwater River (free entry)

Set in the picturesque Lime Bay Nature Reserve, the World Heritage listed site is only 5 minutes from the Convict Beach House. 

Port Arthur Historic Site

Only 25 minutes away is one of Australia's most significant heritage areas, the Port Arthur Historic Site


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Saltwater River 7186, AU

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